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Sunset Cruises

Many people who took a cruise for a Maui dinner or a Maui sunset cruise will say nothing is like that. On the island hot squeaks, tasty drinks and snacks, lovely live music and sunset at the beach. These qualities make a fun trip and are the reason we’ve done more than anything else on the island with Maui sunset charters, without a doubt. Please click below to check best offers and discounts on Sunset Cruises Read more

Maui Luaus

One of Hawaii’s most famous events, luaus on Maui is a casual, family-friendly activity which is ideal for all ages. Although different luaus vary by dining style, dance types, musical entertainment, expense, and historical and cultural knowledge, the ample choices provided by Maui will guarantee that you can find the right one to match your needs. Read more

Whale watching

MAUI WHALE SEASON October & November – First whale sightingsDecember – March, Whale seasonFebruary – Peak season Between 10,000 and 12,000 North Pacific humpback whales make a six-week journey south from Alaska to the warm waters of Maui every winter from November to May. They ‘re here to mingle, party, and give birth — and it’s all only a few miles off the leeward coast of Maui. It is one of the most fascinating shows in nature and ensuring that your Maui whale watching trip is an experience you’ll never forget, here are some tips you can use on your Read more

Snorkeling Trips

A snorkel is a gadget used for breathing purposes while you’re above the surface. A good example is when you’re facing downwards in the water with the mouth and the nose submerged. In many cases, snorkel may come with a rubber look plastic clip, enabling snorkel to be attached to the outside of the diving mask’s head strap. Snorkeling is simply swimming on or in the water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped breathing tube called a snorkel, and usually swim fins. In calmer waters, a wetsuit may also be worn. Please click below to check best offers Read more
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RIP Heart Rock – My Heart is Broken

There are many rumors that the heart Rock is no more. We just want to confirm that sadly, it’s true. It has been reported that a giant wave, after years of erosion, caused this loss. RIP Heart Rock Located just to the right of the Nakalele blowhole was Maui’s heart. Many interesting structures had formed in this area due to erosion on the volcanic rock shelf over the years. It’s almost hard to believe that the heart rock is gone. The heart itself was about a foot or so wide, situated about three feet from the sloping ground. It was Read more
Travel tips

Explore Some Amazing Properties on Kauai, Hawaii

Whether you’re looking to stay for a while or just hoping for a quick getaway in Kauai, TropicalBound has you covered. We have some amazing condo properties located in Pono Kai Resort and Wailua Bay that are ideal for however long you want to stay. The Pono Kai Resort is located on 12 acres of stunning beachfront property in Kauai while Wailua Bay offers stunning views of the ocean and is within walking distance of the famed town of Kapa’a. Here is a quick overview of some of our most popular stays: 1. Pono Kai #B201 – Starting from $305 Read more
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10 Beaches in Hawaii that Should be on Your Bucket List

Hawaii is known for having some of the most beautiful, exotic, and tourist-friendly beaches in the world. Whether you’re visiting for a relaxing holiday, an adventure trip, or just along for the ride, Hawaii’s islands have something to offer for everyone. Here is a round-up of the top 10 beaches of Hawaii that you absolutely cannot miss with some of their best attractions: 1. Makena Beach, Maui Makena Beach’s claim to fame is being one of the largest (hence the name Makena which means Big) and less crowded beaches in Hawaii. So, if you’re looking for a relaxing holiday far from Read more
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Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday to Maui with These Tips

If Maui has been on your vacation list for the longest time and the only thing that’s holding you back is children, fret not! We’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to make sure you have a stress-free holiday plus some amazing things you can do as a family while you’re there: Plan Early, Travel Light We cannot stress enough the importance of booking your flights in advance, especially for travel during school vacations to ensure you have all the dates you need confirmed. Take only the bare essentials with you when you travel but pack for the weather Read more
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5 Adventurous Activities You Must Do on Maui

Maui’s white sand beaches are so beautiful that it will be wrong to watch them in pictures alone. But Maui has much more to offer than world class beaches. Let’s check out what Maui offers apart from beaches and what activities you can do to make your dream vacation a reality. If you live to explore, then you have to try these activities that happen on Maui, otherwise, your trip will seriously become a “not-so-happening” one. Located at the central Pacific, Maui is an island that has beautiful beaches and mountains. If you love to visit islands, then add Maui on Read more
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