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Top 3 Beaches in Kihei: A Guide to Beaches in Kihei

Kihei has one of the best beaches in the world. Beaches are found worldwide. Almost every country on the coast has some lovely beaches to enjoy, yet, due to beauty, comfort and local attractions, some of the seaside sights of the world are far more popular than others. Certain beaches are too rocky and rugged to be appropriate for enjoyable activities such as sunbathing and swimming, which is why many people travel to tropical locales and paradisiacal islands to experience the sights and sounds of the world’s most beautiful beaches. And if you’re looking to see some of the most Read more
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Maui Hiking Trails: A Complete guide on Maui Hiking

Hiking is a common activity on Maui. Hiking on the Maui River is actually a wonderful family activity and a great way to spend the day whether you are hiking with a group or alone. There are some extremely wonderful hiking paths on Maui, and hikers would not be disappointed. Here we are going to examine some of the best hikes on Maui. You can go through a trail that will bring you through a rain forest or walk through a gulch with a waterfall of around 400 meters (Pipiwai Trail, past Hana). If you prefer, walk down the ridge Read more
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Top 3 Beaches in Maui: Is Maui your next Vacation Destination?

Maui is well-known for its beautiful beaches. You can enjoy surfing, stunning scenery, and a beautiful climate.  It is located west of Hawaii’s Big Island, separated by the Alenuihaha Channel. It is approximately 68 miles away from Oahu, as the crow flies.  It is located on the second largest island in Hawaiian Islands. It covers 694 square miles and has 120 miles of coastline.  Let’s take a look at the top 3 beaches for vacation in Maui. #3. Kama’ole Beach Park I and II. Kama’ole Park is located in the town of Kihei and is divided into three distinct beach areas. Kama’ole Read more