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Top 3 Beaches in Maui: Is Maui your next Vacation Destination?

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Maui is well-known for its beautiful beaches. You can enjoy surfing, stunning scenery, and a beautiful climate.  It is located west of Hawaii’s Big Island, separated by the Alenuihaha Channel. It is approximately 68 miles away from Oahu, as the crow flies.  It is located on the second largest island in Hawaiian Islands. It covers 694 square miles and has 120 miles of coastline.  Let’s take a look at the top 3 beaches for vacation in Maui.

#3. Kama’ole Beach Park I and II.

Kama’ole Park is located in the town of Kihei and is divided into three distinct beach areas.

Kama’ole I- This is the largest and most beautiful of all three beaches. It has fine white sand and excellent swimming conditions.  This is where Maui’s southern coastline really kicks off. The sand here is just as amazing as that found further south at Wailea or Makena.

Kama’ole IIThis beach is very similar to Kamaole I but is just a third of a mile long from end to end.  The beach is great for snorkeling, but swimmers will enjoy the whole length of its sandy bottom.

Kama’ole IIIThe beach is beautiful, but it is very different from the I and II.  It is smaller than I and II.  It also has rocky areas on several beaches.  The rocks are prone to waves that crash on them, causing huge water splashes and creating a spectacular show.  Although the beach is smaller than the two other beaches, the grassy area makes it a great spot for picnics and kite flying.

#2. Lahaina, Kaanapali Beach

One of the best beaches on Maui is Kaanapali Beach, which measures three miles long.  It is located in western Maui, and is part the Lahaina town.  Kaanapali Beach’s most popular activity is to see the daily cliff-diving from Black Rock. This ceremony was once known as Puu Kekaa.  It has some of the best resorts and hotels on the island.


The area offers many activities, such as world-class golf, a wide range of restaurants, tons of shopping, and a zip line, which gives you great views of the coast.  Whalers Village, a well-known open-air shopping area with many shops and restaurants, is an important one.  You can also find traditional Hawaiian entertainment and a whaling museum.

You can stay at the wonderful Hoyochi Nikko Units that provide a great luxury experience and amazing views from the rooms as well.

#1. Oneloa Beach or Makena Beach

Makena Beach, also known as Oneloa Beach or Big Beach, is a popular tourist destination in Hawaii. Maui Big Beach is on the southern portion of the island, located on Makena Alanui Road. It has been named the best beach on Maui. There is about a mile of sand from white to orange, stunning cliffs, blue and emerald dazzling sea. Due to the reef’s tiny size, the sand bottom sparkles through the water, imparting a tropical glow. Makena Beach can be reached in three ways.

  • The first entrance, which is nearest to Little Beach, has the most parking.
  • The second entrance is more compact and has a more limited parking lot.
  • The third entry is for gravel parking only. This entry has a smaller beach than the other entries.

Big Beach is well-known for its high surf and sloping beach. There’s a lot to do here with skimboarding, boarding, and body surfing. When there is a significant swell, it is critical to use caution around children and inexperienced swimmers. These waves are deceiving and have a nasty habit of dumping you into the sand. Snorkeling is not suggested in this location. Surfing is not recommended due to the coastal conditions.


Additionally, there are shaded spaces behind huge trees. Take caution when you first tread onto the beach. These trees are densely populated, with enormous thorns found beneath and around the tree. When walking, these thorns may be seen penetrating the sandals. Walking barefoot in close proximity to trees can be dangerous. You should wait until you reach the trees before removing your shoes or sandals. Little Beach is located to the north.

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