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Best Times to Visit Maui.

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The best times to visit Maui are April through May and September through November. The spring and fall shoulder seasons provide the pleasant weather Hawaii vacationers seek without the high rates and heavy crowds that accompany the summer and winter. However, if you’re into surfing, you’ll want to travel in the winter for the best conditions – just book as early as possible to get a discounted rate. Meanwhile, if you’re traveling with kids, you may want to splurge for a summer trip as that’s when the waters are calmest.


Maui sees large numbers of snowbirds flying the chilly coop during the winter months. Those who visit Maui in the winter are willing to shell out the high airfare costs and room rates for a taste of the island’s pristine weather, which hovers in the high 70s. At this time of year, the waters around popular sites like Hookipa Beach are too rough for swimming but just right for catching a wave. This is also a prime time for whale watching, which you can do on one of the best Maui tours


Average springtime temperatures remain in the high 70s to 80s, but at this time, Maui has long said goodbye to the winter tourists. And because the summer crowds have yet to arrive, finding deals on airfare and lodging can be relatively easy. The island also puts on several notable festivals in March and April, making this a good time to learn more about Maui’s culture.


Temperatures may be warm on the mainland, but travelers can’t resist Maui in the summer. This is when the island sees a large influx of families – the arrival of summertime brings with it less forceful currents, making swimming conditions better for younger beach bums. The island also boasts a full social calendar with summer events celebrating everything from food to movies to music.


Trips along the Road to Hana are especially nice this year since there are fewer tourists than there are in summer and winter, traffic might not be as much of an issue along the route. During the fall, temperatures remain in the 80s, though challenging currents make their way back to shore. Like in the spring, flight and hotel deals abound; book several weeks in advance for the lowest rates.

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