Snorkeling Trips

A snorkel is a gadget used for breathing purposes while you’re above the surface. A good example is when you’re facing downwards in the water with the mouth and theContinue Reading

Sunset Cruises

Many people who took a cruise for a Maui dinner or a Maui sunset cruise will say nothing is like that. On the island hot squeaks, tasty drinks and snacks,Continue Reading

Whales watching maui

MAUI WHALE SEASON October & November – First whale sightingsDecember – March, Whale seasonFebruary – Peak season Between 10,000 and 12,000 North Pacific humpback whales make a six-week journey southContinue Reading


One of Hawaii’s most famous events, luaus on Maui is a casual, family-friendly activity which is ideal for all ages. Although different luaus vary by dining style, dance types, musicalContinue Reading