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Hawaii tourism sector reopens following reduced cases of COVID-19

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Hawaii has the lowest number of coronavirus in all the states of America. It recorded just 816 cases with 17 deaths on Thursday.  Following this revelation, Hawaii plans to reduce the restrictions that tourists and even locals need to quarantine for fourteen days as soon as they are in the state. The tourists however, are to show evidence of testing negative before being allowed into the state. This is an announcement made by the state’s governor David Ige on Wednesday which is when New York, New Jersey and Connecticut were required to start quarantining travelers from other states that have experienced a surge in the number of positive COVID-19 cases.

Travelers to Hawaii will have to have some sort of evidence, inform of an email print-out or a print-out from the COVID-19 test (PCR) that shows that he or she is COVID-19 negative if at all they do not want to be quarantined for fourteen days. These test results must come from a lab approved by the CDC. The report made by the Gov David Ige did not give a time frame as to when the travelers should have been tested. Any person however, that gets to Hawaii with a fever will have to be medically screened before they are able to leave the airport. When David Ige enforced the quarantine rule back in March, he was strict about it and even made anyone that did not comply pay fines and penalties.

As the state reopens, the tourism industry is expectant of travelers now visiting again. Peter Merriman, a chef says that discount deals may now make tourists come back and enjoy. There will be a lot of people interested in bargains as Merriman states. They will mostly be discount tourists. Merriman also thinks that travelers that are not much affected by the state of the country’s finance will start coming in and will help boost the upscale restaurants that he works in in the islands of Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii.

Hotels in Hawaii plan to open. Aqua-Aston Hospitality managers that handle 28 hotels and resorts were on the start of plans to reopen on Wednesday evening. Theresa van Greunen, an assistant vice-president wrote in an email that they are looking forward to getting more insight about the state’s testing plan, its arrival and eventually being able to accept reservations for travelers from the beginning of August henceforth. Anyone that book with the hotels from July the 6th will be able to cancel the reservation within the 24 hours of making it without being penalized.

Airlines are also expected to increase their flight capacity in regards to the governor’s report. Hawaiian Airlines commented that they would be reduced service from the U.S mainland. Mufi Hannemann, president and chief executive of Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association stated that, Gov. Ige’s announcement would not result in an immediate return of the same records earlier experienced in 2019. He added that it just wouldn’t occur that way.

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