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RIP Heart Rock – My Heart is Broken

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There are many rumors that the heart Rock is no more. We just want to confirm that sadly, it’s true. It has been reported that a giant wave, after years of erosion, caused this loss. RIP Heart Rock

Located just to the right of the Nakalele blowhole was Maui’s heart. Many interesting structures had formed in this area due to erosion on the volcanic rock shelf over the years. It’s almost hard to believe that the heart rock is gone.

The heart itself was about a foot or so wide, situated about three feet from the sloping ground. It was a fantastic photo opportunity for anyone who made the hike down. The structure was fairly close to the ground and very accessible, so getting the perfect photo was never really an issue.

The landscape viewed through the heart was also almost too good to be true. It acted as a perfect frame for the mountains, ocean, and beach in the distance. Some had even reported seeing a vertical rainbow through the heart.

There were many ways to get to Nakalele and Maui’s heart. The best and safest route starts with a scenic drive North from Kapalua for eight miles, parking at the 38. 5 marker. There were no distinctly marked trails, but if you head down towards the ocean it will lead you straight to the site.

It was a natural phenomena, gradually formed over many years. The loss of Heart Rock will never be forgotten. For those who had the opportunity to take pictures with it, you are very lucky.

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