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The best dishes you must try out when you get to Maui

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Maui is one of the beautiful places to visit, and of course, it won’t be enough to travel back home without exploring the Hawaiian fare. The moment you set your foot in Hawaii, one of the things you may think of is getting excellent food. There is a wide range of dishes to choose from; worth trying out. You can get the best dinner or lunch at various restaurants in Maui. However, there are various delicious meals you should try when you get to Hawaii. 


So, What are the 10 best Dishes to eat in Maui, Hawaii?


  1. Hawaiian plate

 This is a scoop of rice with the kalua pig on top, pork or chicken laulau, Lomi salmon and dried beef, on the side with aiding of and kulolo (taro and coconut cream pudding) for your dessert. This food is available in various Maui restaurants such as a lunch wagon, restaurant, or even in your friend’s house! For best services, visit James Beard Award-winning Hellena’s Hawaiian Food.

  1. Saimin

This dish combines the best Hawaii’s Japanese, Chinese and Filipino influences. It is usually fast food and allows alteration provided the main ingredients are maintained: noodles and sticky barbecued Chinese pork.

  1. The Coconut

All you need for a dessert has been crafted here. It is a combination of sorbet passion fruit sauce from Hawaii. It is the best selection for a sweet-tangy meal. However, the chocolate shell may look like a fruit husk; the whole thing is edible. The Coconut makes an excellent dessert. 

  1. Taro Ko Farm Chips

It is made with four simple ingredients;

  • Potatoes
  • Garlic salt
  • Soybean oil
  • li hing mui powder

 It has a taste just like a sweet barbecue potato chip but is only more addicting. This dish is challenging to make, but you can quickly get it from Kauai in Hanapepe’s small historic town in an old greenhouse.

  1. Poke

When you are in Hawaii, poke is not merely a dish, but it is a way of life. Poke is seafood majorly prepared using octopus and seasonings added such as sea salt, crushed, roasted nuts mixed with salt, and various seaweed challenging to find anywhere outside Hawaii. It makes a savory, crunchy meal. 

  1. Luau Stew

It is a typical selection for grandmother’s home cooking and first birthday parties in Hawaii. It falls into the category of comfort foods by the locals. This dish is made from Taro leaves, cooked until it reaches that melt-in-your-mouth tenderness, then seasoned with Hawaiian sea salt, and you have your meal.

  1. Strawberry Mochi

In Hawaii, this Japanese rice cake meal is in plenty and comes in a wide range of varieties such as;

  • Mocha ice cream
  • Butter mocha
  • Mocha balls 
  • Strawberry mocha

However, strawberry mochi from two ladies in Hilo wins the odds; it is considered a perennial favorite. 

  1. The Mix Plate at Rainbow Drive-In

Your visit to Maui, Hawai, will not be complete if you have not taken this dish. It is a made up of;

  • 2 scoops rice
  • One scoop Macaroni salad
  • Three kinds of meat (barbecue beef,mahimahi, and boneless chicken

 It carries the features of mountains melting pot of cultures that is rich in history all the way from 1880s when plantation laborers would bring their bento-style lunch to work.

  1. Cow Pig Bun Burgers

Globally, every restaurant has a hamburger on its menu, but when you hear of this from Hawaii, Cow Pig Bun Burgers, you will definitely salivate. They are the best in Hawaii courtesy of Roger Steller and Greg Shepherd, which they set the wheel rolling in 2014.

It has six different burgers all equally flavorful and delicious namely;

  • The house burger with focaccia bread
  • Arugula
  • Gruyere cheese
  • Balsamic glaze and caramelized onions
  • Bacon Jam burger brioche, blue cheese, lettuce, bourbon bacon jam, and pickled onions
  • Bacon-garlic aioli
  1. Cocoa Puffs

It is a creamy-puff pastry much liked by the locals. It is filled with gooey chocolate pudding and topped with buttery Chantilly frosting. This frosting singles it out from other baked foods and makes it the best.


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