A snorkel is a gadget used for breathing purposes while you’re above the surface. A good example is when you’re facing downwards in the water with the mouth and the nose submerged. In many cases, snorkels may come with a plastic clip, enabling the snorkel to be attached to the outside of the diving mask’s head strap. Snorkeling is simply swimming on or in the water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped breathing tube called a snorkel, and usually swim fins. In colder waters, a wetsuit may also be worn.


The main goal for snorkeling is to explore the underwater world that you may not see with your naked eyes. Snorkeling appeals to almost everyone because there’s no too much effort needed to enjoy the activity. 

If you’re a Snorkeling fan, you must visit Maui’s beaches to enjoy the best snorkeling experience. Here are the best snorkeling must-visit destinations in Maui.


 Top 8 Maui Snorkeling Spots 


  1. Honolua Bay; 

This is a top-rated destination that offers the best snorkeling experience for locals and tourists. Located on the northwest tip of Maui, you will be sure of enjoying the serenity and beauty of the underwater world. The wind is usually not a factor, so if there aren’t any waves, you can usually expect an excellent snorkeling day. Boat trips to Honolua bay end by mid-day, so make sure your plans fit in the boat schedule. 


  1. Slaughterhouse Beach;

Also knows Mokule’ia bay of “Slaughterhouse.” Located North of Hwy. 30 (Honoapiilani Hwy) at mile marker 32, you’ll see a chain-link fence with roadside parking. This Bay is only accessible by cars as no buses can run there. 

Use caution if the trade winds pick-up. 


  1. Kapalua Bay. 

This is a crescent-shaped Bay that offers a great snorkeling spot in the morning and early afternoon. Located off the lower road in Kapalua, there is a small parking lot.

 Tipthe left side of the Bay offers some great rock and coral formations. The Northside of the beach hosts more fish and more underwater life worth watching. 


  1. Napili Bay.

In case you’re looking for an excellent snorkeling destination, then Napili Bay should be in your must-visit list. The beach has a vast car park off the highway, so you don’t have to worry about your car. The best snorkeling spot is the beaches far-right, as it tends to be more sheltered here.

 Vital tip: the sand here is steep from beach shoreline. On the other side, the middle part of the Bay is mostly sandy and a great place to practice free diving skills or spot the resident honu.


  1. Honekeana Bay.

This beach is known for being a place where there is an excellent spot to watch the Green Sea Turtles, which are not common. The Green Sea turtles like eating algae that grow in the shallow rocky areas of the sea.

 Honekeana bay tipwaves can be a lot of fun but no so much when snorkeling. Honekeana is ideal in the summer months as well as in between winter swells.


  1. Airport Beach. 

Kahekili Beach is also called Airport Beach because, during the 1960s and early 1970s, the location served as West Maui’s only airport. 

 Kahekili beach tipthere are some great shade opportunities to set up camp for the day under Kiawe trees that grow along the Ka’anapali coastline section.


  1. Black rock.

This beach is technically on the north end of Ka’anapali Beach. One exciting thing about snorkeling here is that there’s no reef. 

The best snorkeling is around the point, but you should only attempt to be a strong swimmer. 


  1. Maluaka Beach.

This is one of the favorite snorkel locations on Maui. There is a wide variety of fish and eels that gives you a tremendous underwater exploring experience. In whale season, you will also get a chance to watch the humpback whales. 


Snorkeling is safe for non-swimmers, provided you don’t go alone. It’s not a must for you to be a good swimmer to enjoy snorkeling, but you need to be comfortable in the water- which most non-swimmers aren’t. First, learn to swim, and all your worries will float away.